Ant and Cockroach trap (2 pcs.)

  • 8  x 12 pcs. per transport carton
  • Transport carton size: 455 x 370 x 255 mm
  • Carton gross weigh: 7,2 kg
  • Carton cubic capacity:  0,0429292 m³

Efficiently captures cockroaches, ants, and other crawling insects. The unique glue formulation ensures the efficiency of the trap for many months.Our product is environment-friendly therefore it can be used where products containing pesticides are not recommended.

How to use

For the construction of the trap, please follow the folding steps described by the illustration on the packaging.
Place the trap where cockroaches and ants usually appear. To reach maximum efficiency use 3 pieces of traps in an area which measures approximately 7-8 square meters. After opening the package, the product preserves its original quality up to 3 months.
Our product will help you to deal with the cockroach and ant infestation and keeps the infected area clean from odor and insect residue.


The layer of glue that captures the cockroaches and ants consists of our unique adhesive and a special ingredient to attract the insects.


Keep the product out of reach of children and household pets! Read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.