Fly catcher (4 pcs.)

  • 6  x 24 pcs. per transport carton
  • Transport carton size: 315 x 305 x 260 mm
  • Carton gross weigh: 8,5 kg
  • Carton cubic capacity: 0,024980 m

Ready to use flycatcher applied with strong, resistant adhesive.

Areas of use
Inventories, warehouses, processing plants, breeding farms, stables.

How to use

Pull out the ribbon slowly and place it by using the tin-tack where flying insects appear. Once the sticky ribbon is fully covered, dispose of the trap. Our unique recipe ensures that the ribbon preserves its quality up to 12 months after opening the package.
Our product guarantees effectiveness by having a large adhesive surface, it is applied with attractants and contains a non-drying adhesive formula.
Fruit flies and food moths are also attracted by the scent and the formulation ensures quality on extreme temperatures and humidity as well.


Keep the product out of reach of children and household pets! Read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.