Glue trap for ants (3 pcs.)

  • 4  x 12 pcs. per transport carton
  • Transport carton size: 515 x 265 x 240 mm
  • Carton gross weigh: 2,94 kg
  • Carton cubic capacity:  0,032754 m³
Easy to use, pre-baited ant traps.
The special formulation of the glue that is applied on the inside of the trap attracts the insects.
How to use
Please follow the instructions shown on the packaging. When placing the traps pay attention to the movement of the insects. Many times they follow the same route from their hive to a food source. Next to the walls, corners, under pieces of furniture, etc. If the trap has filled up, simply dispose of it!
Keep the product out of reach of children and household pets! Read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.