Mouse Glue Table (1 pc.)


Our product is ready to use and also enriched with a special scent to be attractive to rodents.
Applied with strong, resistant glue.
Easy to fold.
Environment-friendly, pesticide-free product.

How to use

For the construction of the trap, please follow the folding steps described by the illustration on the packaging.
Our Mouse Glue Tables are designed to capture mice and small rodents in your home and garden. These products are pesticide free and ready to use. The traps are highly effective if used as follows.
Locate the area in your home where pests are suspected to appear. On average mice tend to move only within a 10-30 meters radius around their nest. Place the traps in between their nest and the source of their food, on the floor close to the walls.
If there isn’t any captured mouse within a few days, relocate the traps. On the other hand, if there is a captured animal, please carefully dispose of the trap and the animal within.

When to apply

Signs of mice infestation:
If a mouse appears or their remains of excrement does, it is probably the first indication of an infestation.
Otherwise their pungent odor, damaged food packages with gnaw marks refer to the exact same thing. Mice and rats also commonly gnaw furniture and can even damage the building structure including its wiring.


Keep the product out of reach of children and household pets! Read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.